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What is Veda Vyāsa Maṇḍala

Veda Vyāsa is the Ṛṣi who has preserved Sanātana Dharma through the Yugas, making the due formal changes in order to ensure its persistence trough the ages. In his honour, we decided to name our Maṇḍala after him.

Veda Vyāsa Maṇḍala is composed by a group of sādhakas of Advaita Vedānta and Śrī Vidyā, members of paramparās dating back to Śrī Śaṃkarācārya Bhagavatpāda. They are mainly Europeans: some have undertaken specialized studies in Indology becoming Researchers, Associate or Full Professors in this discipline and in other related to it. The Indian contributors are authoritative personalities of Dharma. Most Western Indologists have denigrated the field of their own research, either out of ignorance or due to obvious bad faith. In the publication of our articles, we will examine both the reasons of the ignorance and what lies behind the bad faith. Through their studies, the collaborators of Veda Vyāsa Maṇḍala have tasted the exceptional depth of traditional Hindū thought. For this reason, they turned to some Āpta Upādhyāyas belonging to genuine paramparās to receive from them dīkṣā, sādhana and related knowledge. In this way, the constant contact with their Gurus is the guarantee of the faithfulness to doctrine expounded in this website.

To Whom Veda Vyāsa Maṇḍala is Addressed

Over the last forty-five years, in the numerous meetings and conversations we have had in India with numerous Jagadgurus, Gurus, saṃnyāsins, ācāryas and paṇḍitas, we realized that, despite the vastness of their knowledge of the Śāstra, their understanding of the spiritual situation in the West is seriously distorted. The sources of such unreliable information are mostly the missionary propaganda and the lies of the ideologically oriented mass media.
Furthermore, a complex of inferiority is spreading among the new generations of Indians living at home as well as abroad, fascinated by the promises of a new “gold rush” frenzy and by the pursue of wild technological delusions, the sole ideals produced by modern civilization. This feeling has led them to consider their original Hindū tradition as superstitious and obscurantist, and to embrace aberrant anti-traditional ideologies. Often the older generations and Hindū authorities, intimidated by such reckless enthusiasm do not react with sufficient energy against this growing deviation.
In addition, young people genuinely eager to deepen their knowledge of Sanātana Dharma are forced to read the Śāstras in English translations, since they have not received any saṃskṛta education in their modern schools. Translators are mostly western Indologists or Europeanized Indians whose main purpose is to distort the interpretations of texts according to their own ideologies. For this reason, our priority is to defend the sacredness of the Sanātana Dharma, and to provide the traditional authorities with the cognitive tools necessary to expose the dangers of the Western mirage that bullies traditional Hindūs and makes antitraditional Indians so arrogant.
In addition, with our work we want to offer help to those few Westerners in search of true Tradition. Due to the lack of any real knowledge, they navigate in increasingly turbulent waters where the subversion of every natural law and the constant brainwashing imposed by National, International and Non-Governmental Organizations are at the service of anti-tradition.
In particular, Veda Vyāsa Maṇḍala is addressed to the rare Western readers who are sincerely desirous of knowledge and free from preconceptions and ideologies that distort the view of the Sanātana Dharma.