What is Veda Vyāsa Maṇḍala

Veda Vyāsa is the Ṛṣi who has preserved Sanātana Dharma through the Yugas, making the due formal changes in order to ensure its persistence trough the ages. In his honour, we decided to name our Maṇḍala after him.

Veda Vyāsa Maṇḍala is composed by a group of Advaita Vedānta and Śrī Vidyā sādhakas adhering to paramparās proceeding from Ādi Śaṃkarācārya Bhagavatpāda. They are mainly European: some of them have followed specialized studies in Indology becoming Researchers, Readers or Full Professors in that discipline or in other related ones. Indian contributors are authoritative personalities of Dharma. The majority of Western Indologists have denigrated the field of their own research, because of ignorance or evident bad faith. In the pursuance of our articles, we will examine what is the reason of such ignorance among some of them and what is hidden behind the bad faith of the others. On the contrary, the members of Veda Vyāsa Maṇḍala through their Indian Studies have savored the exceptional depth of the traditional Hindū thought. Therefore they turned to some traditional Āpta Upādhyāyas pertaining to ascertained paramparās, in order to receive by them dīkṣā, sādhana and the related knowledge. In this way, the constant contact with their Gurus is the guarantee of the correct doctrine here refered.

To Whom Veda Vyāsa Maṇḍala is Addressed

During the numerous meetings and conversations that we had in India over the last forty-fifty years with a number of jagadgurus, gurus, saṃnyāsins, ācāryas and paṇḍitas, we realized that their comprehension of Western spiritual situation is seriously distorted, despite the vastness of their knowledge of the Śāstra. The unreliable sources of their information are mostly the tools of missionary propaganda and the lies of the ideologically oriented mass media. Moreover a feeling of enslavement is spreading among the new Indian generations at home and abroad, charmed by the easy money and the technological wizardry, unique ideals produced by modern civilization. This feeling leads them to consider their original Hindū Tradition as superstitious and obscurantist, and to embrace aberrant anti-traditional ideologies. The older generations and the Hindū authorities, intimidates by that rash enthusiasm do not react sufficiently to this deviation in progress. Furthermore, young people genuinely eager to deepen their knowledge of Sanātana Dharma, are obliged to read the Śastra in English translation, as they didn’t receive any Saṃskṛta education. The translators are mostly Western and Westernized Indian Indologists, whose main purpose is to deform the interpretation of the texts according to their own ideologies. Therefore our priority is to defend the sacrality of the Sanātana Dharma, endowing the traditional Authorities with the cognitive tools in order to expose the dangerous Western mirage which intimidates traditional Hindūs and makes arrogant anti-traditional Indians. In addition, with our work we intend to provide help to those few Westerners seeking the real Tradition, disgusted by the increasingly chaotic situation of the West, by the lack of any true knowledge, by the overthrow of every natural law and by the constant brainwashing imposed by National, International and Non-Government Organizations at the service of Anti-tradition. In particular Veda Vyāsa Maṇḍala will apply to the readers of René Guénon works, the only undeniable representative of Traditional thought in Western twentieth century, provided they are free from all ties with his imitators and self-appointed teachers falsely inspired by him.